Monday, July 11, 2011

Client Testimonials

“M. Warren & Co. provided me the very highest quality products on time and on budget!  From my Potentate‘s pins to my cups and napkins, I‘m very satisfied and I‘d order from them again in a New York second.  They handled my orders they way I would have done it myself.”

Tom Huppert
Osman Shriners
St. Paul, MN

“I contacted Shawn at M. Warren & Co. for help in designing and ordering my pin for 2001.  Also the pin and patch for the Northeast 2001.  I have nothing but the highest regard for their help on all of my projects.  The service and communication were excellent.  After talking to other counterparts and members of the local lodges and consistory, they called and placed orders themselves and they are all very satisfied.”

Charlie Dorman
Pyramid Shriners
Milford, CT

“Dear Shawn:  I am extremely happy with the entire process of dealing with you and your organization.  From the first time we talked on the telephone to the shipment of my completed order, you have been nothing short of magnificent to deal with.  The first time we spoke on the phone in the fall of 1999, as we developed plans for the final result, you worked with great patience in order to make sure that I was extremely satisfied with each step of the process.  As we progressed through the year, you made several changes to my pin design and we exchanged many phone calls and letters until the sample arrived at my door in October, 2000.  I cannot say how happy I am about the final result and how proud I feel to wear my Potentate‘s pin.  Thank you Shawn for making me a proud customer of Fratline!”

Greg Lewis
Rajah Shriners
Reading, PA

“The quality of my Potentate‘s pin is outstanding.  Based on the quantity I ordered, it was the best value in years.  You have done everything as agreed.  If everyone else was as professional, this would have been a much easier year of planning.”

Albert Tenney
Beni Kedem Shriners
Charleston, WV

“The basic problem most people in my position have is not knowing exactly what we want.  M. Warren & Co. puts this aside by demonstrating a product… often in several samples from which to choose.  The quality of the designs and proofs are exceptional.  Adjustments are made in a timely manner and before you know it, you have a product that is yours.  They were real responsive and personal.  Attention to my needs was very perceptive and accurate.”

Ron Ashby
Kena Shriners
Fairfax, VA

“It is unbelievable that in this day and age somebody actually does what they promise they will do.  I was told that if I ordered by a certain date I would receive a drawing of my pin… I did!  I was told that I would receive a sample of my pin in October… I did!  I was told that I would have my completed order by mid-December… I did!  I didn‘t have to pay until January.  What a pleasure it was doing business with such a great company.  I tell everyone I come in contact with what a great experience this has been.  An unexpected surprise!”

Robert F. Kueper
Orak Shriners
Michigan City, IN

“Having heard positive responses to my inquiries of others, I contacted M. Warren & Co. and faxed them a rough sketch of my pin design.  The next day I received a fax copy of a professionally designed pin which was exactly what I had in mind.  We discussed the colors, etc. and I was mailed a full color design of the pin.  I was happy with the final design and especially the price.  I immediately signed and returned the contract.  Needless to say, when I received the prototype of my pin I was excited.  It looked even better than I had expected.  The bulk of my order was delivered, properly counted and bagged as per agreement.  My experience with M. Warren & Co. has been a totally professional and pleasurable one.  I wouldn‘t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Bill Brown
Egypt Shriners
Tampa, FL

“I was very well pleased with the pin design that you offered.  The quality of my pins is great and I was extremely pleased with the price.  My order arrived early so now I don’t have to worry about my pins not being here on time.  The way you handled my order from beginning to end was excellent and I have already recommended your company to others.”

William F. “Digger” Young, Jr.
Syria Shriners
Pittsburgh, PA

“I found your company to be very friendly… easy to do business with.  Nothing was ever a problem.  My pin looks great.  Even the small lettering is easy to read.  Ordering was easy… a phone call, a fax and we were done!  You were always available when I needed to talk to you.  Your price was very competitive and your delivery time outstanding.  No hassle – just down to earth business.  I got the best price the first time and didn‘t have to “wheel and deal.”

Richard Villhauer
Kaaba Shriners
Davenport, IA

“I first learned about your company from a mailing.  I was very satisfied with the way you helped me with my pin design.  I was amazed at how quickly you completed my order and the quality of my pin was outstanding.  I found your price to be very competitive for the quantity of pins I ordered.  Ordering from you was very easy.  After I faxed my order, you followed up with a phone call and you were always available when I had a question.
You made paying for my order convenient and I was very satisfied with speed, quality and politeness of your company.  I am sure that your business will continue to grow.  It’s nice to know that you really care about your customers.”

Michael D. Thomas
Nemesis Shriners
Parkersburg, WV

“After receiving your mailing, my wife sent you a sketch of the design that I wanted.  I was very pleased with the way you were able to take the drawing and design my pin.  The quality was excellent and a very good value for the price.  I won’t be using my pin until next year, but I have shown it to several Nobles and they thought it was great!  I appreciate the fast service and was surprised at how easy it was; we did the whole thing by fax and phone.  Be assured, if I should ever need pins again, I’ll give you guys a call.”

Bucky Richards, Jr.
Zembo Shriners
Harrisburg, PA

“Gentlemen:  We received the pins that we ordered from you late last year and I wanted to write to you and let you know what a superb job your company did.  The finished product was even nicer in appearance than I expected, and the delivery was ahead of the schedule we agreed on.  The price was great, the service was super.  Thanks so much for your attention to our order.”

Dean F. Bard
El Zagal Shriners
Fargo, ND

“Absolutely exceeded all my expectations!  Their service could not be any better.  Two telephone calls, two faxes.  Shawn advised me that he was the best and he seemed truly excited about the design.  He promised that he would make me happy.  I can tell you, they are as good as it gets!”

C. Ray Burke
Marzuq Shriners
Tallahassee, FL

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